A public repository of some of the materials of the CISC320 Spring 2021 AlgoTutorBot Adventure

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  • Watch the video below. The quiz has additional videos and readings inside of it.
  • Joining the Ohyay is optional, if you want help.
  • This assignment is an individual submission but you may work with your classmates.
  • You will submit this Canvas Quiz for this assignment.



Hey students, this is Dr. Bart!

It looks like AlgoTutorBot is mad that you’ve been helping me. I see he’s assigned one of my old quizzes as punishment. What a jerk! We certainly should all be angry at him, and not me.

This “quiz” is actually just an open-note assignment. Don’t mention it to AlgoTutorBot, but I noticed that it’s not worth any more points than any other assignment and there’s no time limit besides the lock date. So no reason to panic.

When you submit, the system will not tell you if you got everything right, so please make sure you are happy with your answers before submitting. You can submit multiple times, up until the lock date, and it will only take your latest submission.

There are readings and videos embedded in the quiz. I strongly recommend you read and watch everything provided. You might also need to google for additional explanations, or seek help from the instructor, TAs, or even a classmate. Definitely good to work together on this one!

Focus on your learning. This is an explanation of a critical topic that shows up all the time in interviews. Heck, it’s probably the most common kind of “curveball” interview question. One of your classmates actually had an interview earlier this semester involving a Dynamic Programming problem, in fact! This is why I’m not just going to give you the answers to the quiz. It’s worth your time to learn this stuff.

I’ll contact you again in a bit. Now that we have Ada and Babbage, I think I have a plan that will let us find out what AlgoTutorBot is up to. And Dynamic Programming will be useful for it! What a coincidence!

Stay safe, everyone, and good luck with this assignment!


Be sure to read the following: ../assignments/Lesson 20- Dynamic Programming/All About Dynamic