A public repository of some of the materials of the CISC320 Spring 2021 AlgoTutorBot Adventure

This project is maintained by acbart

  • Watch the video and refer to the other videos as needed.
  • If you need help, join the Ohyay workspace at 9:05am.
  • This assignment has you work individually
  • You will submit your working code and the password on Canvas.



Ada and Babbage have been taken! I need your help rescuing them.

The password that you need can be discovered using the that I gave you before.

Reuse the search_zip function you wrote in the previous lesson. This time, search for a .py file instead of a .json. The file should be named; this module contains a function named simple_hash that AlgoTutorBot used to hash the password of the Interrogation Chamber. Dr. Bart has already determined that the hash code is 81445731; now you need to figure out what the original password is by brute-forcing it from a dictionary.

Adjacent to the .py file that you find will be a file named dictionary.txt. This file contains a list of words that AlgoTutorBot prefers to use in its passwords. You will need to read in this file and write a Backtracking algorithm that recursively tests every possible combination of words until it finds the first one that matches the previously identified hash.

Extract the .txt and .py file and place them in a new directory side-by-side. You can extract the .zip file, but you will not be able to open it until you have cracked AlgoTutorBot’s password. That zip file will have a link to a video that you should watch after you have cracked the password.


When you are done, you will need to submit a Python file that contains all the code you ended up writing to find the files and to crack the hash. I expect to see a complete backtracking algorithm!

Include the cracked password as a comment at the top of your submitted file.

Submit the file here on Canvas for full points. You do not need to document the file, but make sure the code is readable.

Supplemental Videos

If you are having trouble with writing a Backtracking algorithm, here are some videos that were created last year. They go into a good amount of depth about Backtracking.