A public repository of some of the materials of the CISC320 Spring 2021 AlgoTutorBot Adventure

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  • Watch the video below.
  • Join the Ohyay workspace today starting at 9:22am.
  • This assignment has you work with your group
  • You will submit your PDF to GradeScope for this assignment.



Hello students,

Today, you will have a fun exciting worksheet to complete. Now that you have mastered everything related to graphs, thanks to my expert lecturing, you should find this work to be trivial. Still, you should work with your groupmates. Because for some reason, humans tend to like other humans. I’m not sure why, I don’t like humans whether they are in groups or alone. Go figure.

The questions are in this Google Doc:

Copy and share the Google Doc with your group mates.

Things to Remember


When your group is done, download the finalized version as a PDF and submit it on GradeScope here:

Be sure to clearly identify your group members in the Google Doc AND on GradeScope!