A public repository of some of the materials of the CISC320 Spring 2021 AlgoTutorBot Adventure

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  • Watch the video below.
  • You may join Ohyay workspace today starting at 9:25am.
  • This assignment let's you work individually or with partners
  • You will submit your Guide PDF to Canvas for this assignment.



You are going to create a guide about Abstract Data Types and Data Structures. This will require both research and creativity!

You MAY work together with anyone from your group (no limit on number of people). Clearly indicate who you worked with on your guide. Many hands make short work, but recognize that artistic visions can vary. You may find partners more effective than large teams.

We have provided a basic template that you can use:

However, you are strongly encouraged to restructure your guide however you see fit! This is a chance to be creative and really reformat the information whichever way you want. You really aren’t limited to the two ugly tables we showed you. Ideally, create something that you could imagine hanging on your wall.

The final version must still cover the same ADTs and Data Structures, and also cover the same content about them, as described below:

Do not simply copy/paste information you find online. Spend a little time to make sure things are nice and readable. Anything you submit should reflect your understanding of the data structures and ADTs involved. Extra credit is available for particularly well-crafted and helpful guides!


You will be graded on the following:

  1. Whether all information is accurate
  2. Whether it is sufficient information to describe the algorithms
  3. Whether you covered all the data structures and Abstract Data Types

Submit a PDF of your finalized version here on Canvas. If the PDF format doesn’t make sense for your final version, get in touch with Dr. Bart about it.

Be sure to clearly identify who you worked with!