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We have a series of data files, each one representing a student’s grades on various assignments in a course. We need you to write a program that consumes the filename (from STDIN) and spits out the sum of all the integer values in the associated local file. However, there are two catches. First, they want you to ignore any negative numbers (indicating data errors). Second, if you encounter the number -127, you should stop processing any further numbers (indicating an end of record).

Formal Specification

Problem: Summate a sequence of numbers while skipping certain ones.

Input: The filename of a local file containing a sequence of integers, each on their own line. The first line will be the number of integers to read, and is not included in the number of values. You can assume that each line will only contain one integer For example:


Output: An integer representing the sum, or the text EMPTY if no suitable values were given. In the example above, the output would be 30. Remember:


You will be submitting this assignment through the course’s autograder. The primary goal of this assignment is to get you used to using the autograder, since many subsequent assignments will also use this tool. To get started with GradeScope, refer to GradeScope Instructions

For this project, you will need to:

All parts of your solution, including both the and the file should be submitted through the autograder. You can access the autograder through the following link:


You will be graded on the following components:

Remember, bypassing the autograder to avoid writing an appropriate algorithm (e.g., by explicilty handling each instructor unit test instead of solving the general problem) can lead to your submission being rejected or penalized. Your goal is to demonstrate an understanding of how to solve algorithmic problems, not to pass unit tests.